Bonus Tracks

At first it was just an idea - sort of a sideways move for both of us, but, as it happened, a natural - Loudon and I would look at the life, times, and recorded legacy of Charlie Poole and see if that took us anywhere. We didn't know if there was a CD in it or not but then it all seemed to come so quick and easy, that the sheer amount of material, both old and original, got a little overwhelming. Still, we determined to keep the game going, as long as it was going so well, and by the end, we had 34 songs, more than enough for 2 CDs. Even though we were attached, one way or another to all 34, there were 4 that we both agreed just didn't quite fit into the final sequence. We had already (somewhat reluctantly) consigned them to oblivion, when it turned out that 2 of the 4 were special favorites of Greil Marcus, who was writing notes on the project. So we decided to make all 4 available here, both streaming and for download, free of charge, for Greil, and in case one turns out to be your favorite too.

- Dick Connette

Milwaukee Blues

Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms

Shootin' Creek

White House Blues

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