2009 Grammy for Best Traditional Folk Album

Loudon and I were both excited to receive a Grammy nomination. Loudon so much so that he got his father's tuxedo altered for the occasion. Inspired by his example, I excavated a red velvet jacket dating back to the '70s, when I had a more romantic notion of how an artist ought to look. As we sat nervously in the convention center, with our category coming up, I whispered to Loudon that if we were fortunate enough to win, he should accept by himself. He said, "No, I want you there with me!" When they announced that "High Wide & Handsome" had won, Loudon jumped up and said, "We did it!" As we walked up to get the award, I noticed the big band was playing Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" - this seemed wrong for a number of reasons and I called out to Loudon from behind, "Hey, what is this shit?" He turned around, but said nothing. Afterwards, I asked him what he thought of the walk-up music. He said, "What walk-up music?" Such a thrill.

- Dick Connette

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